Sunday, August 16, 2015

German Short Rows

I love making a project and learning a new better way to do something I don't enjoy doing. The bettering of the skill usually results in me actually enjoying it.

So when I arrived at the section of the cardigan that called for German Short rows, I looked it up on YouTube and to my delight, it was a much better way to make short rows. When finished it yields short row transitions that are indistinguishable from the rest of the knitting.

Hallelujah, am I right?!

I must tell you all that I probably will not be knitting again until the end of October/early November. Why you ask?

My last semester of nursing school begins Tuesday and I am taking a class that has a huge unit exam every other week. So in an effort to, you know, not fail, I will not be knitting much. Which means I'll have nothing to share here.

I'll be back, I'm just putting all my projects into hibernation until the class ends.

Take care, and happy knitting!