Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Cardigan Update

I have been working diligently on the Blue Sand Cardigan this week. Every spare minute this week had been devoted to a stitch here, a row there.

As a result, this project has actually been going quite quickly!
Last week I had only just divided for the sleeves.
This is how far I have progressed:

Each stripe is 26 rows wide. I got to the next color change at the end of the day yesterday.
I haven't been doing any reading of my own, unfortunately. But for story time with the kids we read David Copperfield this week out of the Dickens book I got my oldest for Christmas last year.
My five year old, the one I gave the book to, impressed me that he kept interest in all except one of the stories--Bleak House--and he even asked me to read the short bibliography on Dickens at the end of the book. Bleak House moved a little too slowly and the content was a lot heavier than the other stories for him to stay interested but four out of five plus a bibliography is good enough for me!
He asked before his nap yesterday if we could start reading the stories again. He makes me so proud.

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