Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Yarn Porn

So, I realized this week that I forgot to share some of the yarn I acquired thanks to some monetary birthday gifts last month.

I bought this yarn last month but I don't have any projects picked out for any of it yet.
First, the three skeins of Malabrigo in the Raspberry colorway.

Next, a new yarn I'd never heard of before, Vijay Fibers (sounds like the alien --Hubble space telescope--from Star Trek):

It's mostly silk and even on sale it still was way more expensive than I care to think about. But I was instantly attracted to the rich colors and I couldn't resist. I also had a $20 discount for spending a certain amount of money at the store so the Malabrigo was basically free. I decided to take the plunge and buy the silk yarn.

And now for the new equipment. I finally gave up on Amazon and ordered replacement needles from my trusty Etsy supplier. There was a buy two for the price of one bundle so I ordered a size 6 and size 7 circular needles.

What I received in the mail had me pleasantly surprised.

She sent my correct order (no surprise there but after the store I was dealing with through Amazon, it was great), plus an extra size 7 circular and a gorgeous new needle holder. I think I'll use it for traveling.

I've never been disappointed by that Etsy store, and I have no shame in saying it. I really need to go write her a good review...
You know how it goes though. You have a bad experience and then something like this turns it all around. Receiving this in the mail made my whole week better. It's the little things...

Until next time! Thanks for letting me brag!