Wednesday, July 1, 2015

A Knitting Crisis

This is serious you guys. My giant knitting needle organizer is missing. Missing! The only places it ever goes are my craft space and the living room table when I'm project planning. I embarrass myself sometimes you guys. I found it almost as soon as I finished drafting this post yesterday.  It was MIA for a week and I think I started to develop some separation anxiety similar to how people feel when they can't find their...

Cell phone. You thought I was going to say children, didn't you? HA!

So, I couldn't cast on anything. Even the hat for my daughter that I've been meaning to start for a couple months now.
In my defense, the procrastination stems from my inability to decide if I should make a cupcake hat, a cat ear hat, or just knit it as is, plain, because with that yarn it would be adorable as a boring hat too.

The crisis continues though. As I was knitting like a mad woman on the cardigan, my circular needle broke. It broke. Watch out, I'm about to get on a soap box. After this photo though. (But seriously. 280-something stitches on my needle and it broke!)
I loathe bamboo needles. Loathe.
What we do is an art, you guys. People who can't knit or crochet pay buko bucks for us to put our time and energy into making things that they cannot. We pay our fellow crafters big bucks to provide us with good patterns, custom yarns, and good equipment. (I bought the offending needles from a yarn store, not an entrepreneur on Etsy or anything, just to clarify.) So when I'm putting my sweat and time into a huge project for a huge gift for someone, I'm going to go nuts when my needle comes apart and I lose ten stitches. This is not the first time I've had problems with bamboo needles. Every circular bamboo needle I've owned has ripped or come apart in the middle of a project. When I was working on some socks for a friend, my bamboo needles snapped in half. I don't care that someone has decided they're better for the environment. I don't care that they're cheaper. Bamboo needles can burn in %@$&.

That is all. Sorry for the rant. I feel so much better now though.
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