Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Love Your Library 2015

As I mentioned in my knitting to-do list, there are a few projects I have to get done. With the exception of one pattern, all of my planned  projects this year are from my library.

The Batterslea Hall sweater for my mom. I finally ordered yarn that matches the stuff I bought last week so I'll be able to start that as soon as it arrives.

Some undetermined cardigan pattern for my mother in-law. I have a planning session with my sister in-law this week so that she can look at patterns and tell me what she'd actually wear. I'll put an update in this post after Thursday.
1.8.14 edit: After much discussion, we decided on the Blue Sand Cardigan. Which might have me biting off more than I can chew, bit I'm really excited about it.

My husband loves knit socks. (Much to my dismay, since I really hate making them.) I think I could stand to make him a pair of Dumbledore socks, but with his initials instead. Or our last name on them instead. Either way, that should be manageable before his birthday in May.

I also need to finish the Mudblood Cardigan, another library pattern (from Harry Potter) that I started in the fall and would really like to finish before the end of the month.