Friday, January 2, 2015

2015 To-Do List

I can't really say these are goals because these projects just have to get done.

1. I will make a sweater for my mom, for all the babysitting and help (cleaning, cooking, etc.) that she's given me while I've been in school.
Photo source: Ravelry
I do have a pattern picked out and I bought yarn the other day for it but the colors looked way different than in the store... The colors clash really bad. So I need to get different yarn. I'll be using a variegated lavender/gray, and I need to replace the yarn I though was a compatible lavender (it's blue! How did that even happen?!).

2. A light cardigan for my mother in-law. Maybe something with a faire isle pattern. She, too, has been a huge help with babysitting and lending my husband's siblings for babysitting when he is working out of town while I'm working. Something heavier like the sweater I'm planning for my mom won't work for her because she's always hot. Even in the winter. I'm considering making her the same cardigan in working on for myself at the moment but that might change if I can't figure out my sleeve caps! Again, she is another person that so far, I wouldn't have gotten through nursing school this far without them.

3. The third project is for a nurse who has been invaluable to me as a professional mentor and friend. There is a lot I could say but the long and short of it is the same as the other two. She has been a huge help while I've been in school again. She has also passed on a lot of really nice things from her grandchildren such as car seats and almost-new clothing. I want to tackle a Celestarium for her.
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She and I work night shift together (for two years now) and she is the type of person that would really appreciate and take good care of a gift like that.

I've got a year left of school; I'm supposed to graduate in December this year. If I don't finish all of these large projects before I graduate, I think I can manage to finish by the time I get my license.

So, here's to another year of hard work and good knitting.

 Happy New Year, my fellow knitters!