Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Look Back on my 2014 Goals

My goals in this post were as follows:

  1. Finish afghan
  2. Finish my friend's socks
  3. Baby surplice and winter set from Bear Brand baby knitting book
  4. Dog sweater from Ninth Sublime baby book
  5. Two new yarn reviews each month
How did I do?
  1. Afghan: finished in May
  2. Friend's socks: finished in January
  3. Baby surplice: finished in May

  4. Winter set: finished in June
  5. Dog sweater: totally forgot about this one. Never even opened the pattern book to make a plan to cast on.
  6. Two new yarn reviews per month:  January, 1; February, 2; March, 0; April, 0; May, 4; June, 2; July, 2; August, 2; September, 1; October, 0; November, 0; December, 2. I ended up doing 16 instead of 24 like I was hoping. I was in the thick of nursing school during the months where there were no reviews.
If you recall I had a survey available on my sidebar all year. Here were my results:
I'm not sure if I can count my Library Challenge goal as having been met; does it count that I completely lost all interest in the dog sweater? I can tell you that 6/22 finished projects from this year were from patterns that were in my library for at least one year before I made the project. There were a couple more in my library just before January. It's not a majority but I did get the library challenge projects done that I really wanted to (mostly).