Saturday, November 22, 2014

Snowball Effect

I recently read about the snowball of gift making around this time of year (although I can't remember where, and therefore can't provide a link). But it goes like this:

I'm only going to make x gifts this year for these few people.
Well I guess I could add you too.
I suppose your sister would like something. I could throw something on the needles quick.
I just ran into Y the other day. If I get through these projects I could do something for them too...

And soon you're making too many things for too many people. It was great. Better than I'm describing it. I wish I remembered where I read it.

Anyway, I just finished my dad's present.

And the thoughts of gift making are beginning to snowball.

My son wants a toy dragon.
I've been on Pinterest too much this week.
I'm definitely making something for my father in law.
My mother in law mentioned she could really use some new mittens when I showed her my newly insulated rabbit mittens.
And my own mom did the same thing.

... Here I go, off to Ravelry and my hypothetical happy project place...