Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Nothing too Exciting

I just have a couple projects to share. I'm still working on my cardigan and I've been working steadily on a hat for my dad's Christmas present.
The yarn I'm using for the cardigan had a knot that took me an hour + to untangle. I kid you knot. It was awful. (Yes I wrote that on purpose. It was not a typo...)
Yup. This knot. I promise you it was way
more awful than the photo shows.
My dad's hat was supposed to be a lot more interesting. I was going to do a pattern full of faire isle but when I ran it past my mom she said he probably wouldn't wear it... Too colorful or something.
So I got out a boring oatmeal colored skein of Cascade Sierra and found a simple pattern that still had some subtle design elements to it. I did decide to add some blue stripes above the line where the brim will be folded up. I'll be making the faire isle hat for my father in law instead.
Accurate colors this morning!

Grown men, I've found, are the worst to knit for. I never know what color schemes to use and they're so freaking picky about styles. At least the ones I know. Kids are by far the easiest since they're usually excited about whatever you knit for them... Anyway, go enjoy the rest of your week!

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