Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Some Quick Knits

I've kind of come to a stand still with my knitting at the moment. I haven't cast on anything in almost two weeks (that's actually a lie, but that's how it feels). I finished the baby tunic last Monday and haven't had anything good on my needles since.

I embellished these little cuties:
But they still need ears. The little guy needs a sweater. I'm at a mental block with something so insanely cute. I tried the ears two different ways and still don't like them yet. So, no one has ears.

I've been working on a sewing project for over a month now, but with a sewing machine that's fast for me:
I mean really. Red Riding Hood bunnies? Does it get any cuter?
I've had the pattern for two years now intending to use it for the boy outfit sets but never got around to it soon enough. My son grew out of the pattern size ranges before I had the time. I'm hoping this will fit my daughter for Easter next spring.

On Monday I made this newborn size hat:

I used leftover scraps of Malabrigo worsted. One of my in laws asked for help throwing a baby shower for a friend. I don't know her friend but I needed an excuse to knit something, thanks to the mental knitting block I've had.
Yesterday I cast on for some mittens. I've had the faire isle motif saved in my Ravelry library for over a year now and I'm using the basic blueprints for the Swedish Fish pattern, which can be found on Ravelry.

Can you spot the row my son ripped all my needles out of? Hopefully I'll be able to block those blips out once the mittens are finished. I definitely love how they're coming along though.

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