Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Monsters Inc. Birthday Cake

Another year has gone by, which means my son gets a cake decorated as awesomely as possible by yours truly. He's turning two and he loves anything with monsters. Monsters Inc. is his favorite movie right now so I made him a cake with Mike and Sully.

Mike is only partially on it, just like on the commercial and the magazine cover he's on in the movie, as well as in his school pictures and student ID like in Monsters University. Sully is just big and hairy just like he is in the movies.

I used one box mix of cake and one regular container of vanilla icing. I had a tube of black gel icing for writing too. Other things needed: food coloring and plastic sandwich bags.

Mix three drops of yellow with one drop of green food coloring into about 1/4-1/3c of icing. This is the icing for Mike's head. Spread evenly over about 1/3 of the cake.

Mix three drops of green dye with four drops of blue dye with about half the container of icing for Sully's fur. Put all the turquoise icing in a plastic baggie and snip a small piece from the corner. Squeeze small lines on the un iced portion of the cake. Gently spread it together so there is a thin layer of icing. Now pipe the rest of the turquoise in the baggie over the same area you just covered, saving enough for the iris on Mike's eye.
Using the black gel, draw Sully's nose and the pupil of Mike's eye. Pipe turquoise icing around the pupil to make his iris.

Set aside a small portion of undyed icing for the irises in Sully's eyes. Using a second plastic baggie, add undyed icing and cut a larger hole in the corner than you did for the first bag. Pipe a large band of white around Mike's iris and two wide circles for Sully's cornea. Smooth over the colors for Mike.

Take the icing you set aside and due it a dark turquoise using a green and blue combo, with more blue than green. Put it in the first bag you used for the turquoise color and pipe it over the white of his eyes and pipe on a smile. Add black for his pupils.

Smooth over any lines on Sully's nose or mouth. Everything else on Sully should be textured. Make sure Mike looks very smooth.

Piece of cake...