Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Craft Sale Knitting

I'm working on some toys. The women at church had a meeting on Monday morning (that I did not attend) to discuss what to have at the craft sale in December. I ran into one of the main get-'er-done women the day before though and offered my knitting services. So I cast on for another dragon. I have been busy since I started though so I haven't gotten too far. The spikes are in progress at the moment.

I'm not wild about the yarn and pattern combo. The self patterning on the dragon looked cooler in my head than how it's turning out, and despite using the same needles I did the last time I used this yarn, there are a lot of gaps in places that shows the stuffing. I tried removing some fluff to fix the problem but it just looked floppy and messy. Once I finish I'll have to think about whether to actually give it to the sale or chalk it up as a failure.

 Here are the other toys I plan to make. All links are patterns on Ravelry.

A cat
A family of mice
An elephant

And I might cast on another Hoot cardigan for the sale too if I get all of those projects done before I start school again on the 18th. The sale is to raise money for the church, so all these projects will be donations.

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