Tuesday, July 29, 2014

County Fair Success

Our county fair just ended on Sunday and I did well again this year with my projects. I won't put photos in this post but I'll provide links of my previous FO posts for each project if you want to see them.

Blue ribbon - Ebb Tide afghan
Red ribbon - Luckiest Day sweater for mixed color sweater caring yarn and Alfred cardigan for children's clothing.
White ribbon - Baby Outfit in baby sets, 2+ pieces (The blue ribbon in this category was the most darling sweater and hat set.  It definitely deserved the blue! I never saw the second place project for this category but I have no shame in my white ribbon!)

This year the judge wrote feedback on our tickets which was great. They haven't done that in the past. The judge wrote feedback on the red ribbon entries, regarding a small hole under one of the raglan sleeves on my sweater, and some ends that weren't completely hidden on the Alfred cardigan. I sloppily forgot to double check my projects.

The judge also made a note about how the place where my yarn colors switched on my raglan sweater could have had a smoother transition. I am very grateful for all the feedback. Carelessness is a stupid mistake but an easy thing to fix, and it is good to know where I need improvement on a new skill. It's also great to have feedback since I never knit with other people. The only feedback I get usually is, "Wow that looks great! I wish I knew how to knit!" So I rely on YouTube and other blogs to improve my skills.

Currently I'm working on my son's sweater again. It is the only project on my needles at the moment, although I'm sure that won't last long.

It might not look any different since the last time I shared it but I'm at about ten inches and I need at least twelve before beginning the raglan sleeves. Also, this yarn sheds more than my cat does. Hopefully blocking or a preliminary wash will help take the fibers once I finish.