Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New Yarn, New Project

Went on a yarn shopping binge last week.
I also cast on only one new project. I do not have the correct size needles (the double points--for the sleeves) for my own sweater.

That's actually a rich, chocolatey brown and a bluer skein instead of the turquoise and dull brown it looks like.

I cast on for a sweater I promised my son. The pattern goes up to 3T and I was going to adjust it for 4T. However, I ended up casting on for the 3T size because it was late and I was tired. I didn't rip it out though because it looks kind of enormous on my needles.
I realized a few rows into the project that the colors are very much camouflage although it doesn't really bother me too much since he loves wearing camo pants. I haven't been doing much reading, which is why I never mention it for Yarn Along. Sorry guys.

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