Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mid-Year Library Challenge Progress

At the beginning of the year, I wrote about some of my goals for knitting. Just to refresh your memory...
"My number one priority for this year is to finish the blasted afghan and my plan is to have that as the only project on my needles until it is finished (as soon as I finish my friend's socks). My next goal is to make some more baby knits out of the Bear Brand book my grandmother gave me at the end of 2012. This book:
I'd start with these...

I'd also like to make the dog sweater from the Ninth Sublime Baby Knits book. (That's not the actual title but I can never remember exactly what it is.) That sweater would be a great gender neutral garment because I can add a simple bow to the dog if the baby I'm knitting for turns out to be a girl."

It has proven rather helpful in project planning and I just wanted to share my progress so far:
I also have the front of the leggings at the same length as the back

Plus, the project currently on the needles is also from the same book. With the exception of emergency gift for my friend (the hat), I have only worked on projects from my library this year and I'm pretty proud to say that is only my hard copy library... It doesn't include my Ravelry library. Woohoo!
 Now I need to get back to figuring out how to calculate yarn needs for a pattern I need to augment...

Don't forget to vote on whether I reach my goals for the year! I'm not going to do a mid-year post on my Yarn Reviews. Need to have some element of surprise!

The poll will be available all year on my sidebar.

Click below for the mid year review on Snapdragon Crafts, where the Library Challenge idea was started: