Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Tale of Two Sweaters

(Actually, there's no tale. I just needed an interesting title. I never read the classic.)

I plowed through a selfish knit this week. My Luckiest Day sweater, a pattern by Maura Kirk. I love it: the pattern design, the yarn I chose, how it's turning out so far, everything.

I had to stop at the armpits. I'm waiting for some double point needles I ordered over the weekend since I didn't have the right size for the sleeves. I've decided that thick yarn and large needles are my favorite new sweater making tools. I'm amazed by how much I've done, and I frogged this after the first six inches to make the next size up.
I did an inch longer on the bottom ribbing, made the button band slightly shorter than the pattern instructed, and my gauge is a couple stitches smaller than required.
I'm adapting the pattern just a little so I can make it as a raglan like a couple other patterns from the book it's in rather than with sewn in sleeves. I will still be adding the turtle neck which will require a trip to the yarn store by my husband... He doesn't know yet. It's kind of a drive from our home but he works five minutes away from it. I figure if I send him with the label and just have him say, "This is what my wife needs." I should be safe, right? What could possibly go wrong? I didn't miscalculate yarn needs, I changed my mind for which design to knit after I bought the yarn. The turtle neck feature puts me about 50 yards shy of what I bought.

The second sweater, for my son, is moving along alright although I think I'm already at the point of my project where I'll be playing a bit of yarn chicken. I know I'll need at least one more skein of the green. I might be safe on the tan. So much for following pattern specs to a T...

The only problem with this yarn is that it sheds a lot, which I'm guessing is because it is 100% alpaca wool. I don't have much experience with that type of fiber... Anyone care to chime in on that and clue me in?

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