Wednesday, May 28, 2014

My Zipper Problem

I didn't get much knitting worked on before last week's WIP link up but here's where I'm at:
  • Two FOs this month (there hasn't been a link up yet but you can see the afghan here and the surplice here if you're interested)
  • The zippers I ordered arrived in the mail last Monday
  • I installed an easy zipper (normal zipper, not even one of those invisible zippers!) into the green sweater I've been working on; naturally the knitting stretched despite being meticulously pinned and--of course-- my seam ripper was no where to be found
  • I began the last garment in the set, the pants, which requires two side zippers
  • Working on the cords for this project like crazy since that step is simple yet time consuming
See my zipper problem? I'm not experienced with sewing but it didn't occur to me just how much harder putting a zipper in a hand knit garment would be. I put a zipper in the child sized surprise jacket without a single problem. This definitely caught me off guard!

Here's my progress on this project otherwise:
I just need to finish the last cord and the other 2/3 of the pants.

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