Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Afghan 4.1 and the Baby Bunting

Hello dear readers. I'm still here, don't worry.
I believe the last time you saw these projects, the baby outfit had a hood and a bootie complete.

Now there are a lot of little pieces! The hood, two booties, two mittens, and a crotch piece for the leggings. I also began the sweater. I'm knitting it all in one piece so as to avoid all that sewing at the end (like I did for this one, photo near end of that post), and also because I think knits looks way nicer when they're seamless. So I began on Monday night, knit for three hours, realized I forgot to do a garter stitch border on the sides, tried to rip back only the two end stitches on either side, and got this:

Gross, right? So I frogged back down to two or three pattern rows above the bottom garter edge and re knit what felt like everything I had done in the last three hours. So now fresh, unfrogged yarn is once again coming out of my skein.

The afghan was just shy of 30". I didn't have a measurement included in the last post but I had worked on it since I last measured at 27".
Now I'm at 34" out of a total 48". Needless to say, I've made a bit of progress.

Reading is still all school, and no leisure, material. Drugs, tracheotomies, gross things that come out of bodies. Stuff like that. Until next time...

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