Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Perfect Knitting Weather; Afghan 4.3

While gone over the weekend I was able to spend some valuable knitting time in the car. It has also been pouring rain since Sunday so I was able to get a lot done on the border of the afghan, almost two sides complete! The pattern says to knit the border separate and attach once it is long enough but as I've said before, I hate the process of sewing pieces together when I don't have to so I'm knitting it on as I go. (How's that for a run-on sentence?!)
I ordered a custom button from Wooly Moss Roots' Etsy shop.
I had them carve the wedding date on it and they did a beautiful job.
Once I block the afghan I'll add the button.

As far as the baby bunting, I've made substantial progress on that as well. I really like how it is turning out. The stitch pattern creates such a neat effect. If only the colors weren't so distorted. It seems I can never get an accurate photo of that yarn.

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Friday, April 25, 2014

FO Friday: Cables and Lace Hat

With this hat finished, my friend's care package is almost complete. The pattern was free.

The book I ordered arrived on Monday, I finished the hat on Tuesday. I'm going on a road trip with my mother this weekend, and my sister lives not too far from an Amish community. Or maybe it's on the way to her place? Both her and my mother were pretty vague about the location but at any rate I hope to find some fragrant hand made soaps to go in the package as well.

Made with a little less than a skein of Cascade 220.

My hope is that each item I send will take care of her in a different way.
•A hat to keep warm during another Midwest spring without her hair.
•A book on sick, terminal, and disabled saints for spiritual health and encouragement.
•Some soap to pamper herself with a warm bath when she's in pain or just feeling crappy.
•My plan was also to send some money to help her pay for bills although we were robbed this week (read: account cleaned out and then some) because someone got a hold of one of our credit card numbers so I think I might have to wait on this one.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2014


I finished the hat. Will do an FO post later.
Until Friday..

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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Turn of Events

An unexpected bit of news hit me just before heading off to work Monday night. A friend of mine from college is very sick, which is really a gross understatement.

Since then, a mutual friend and I discussed the situation, and I have resolved to put together a care package for her to help recover from her next round of chemo treatment this week.

I found this beautiful pattern on Ravelry, and a book to send too. I'll be in Amish country the weekend after Easter and I'm hoping a gift shop there will have some nice hand made soaps to include in the package. I was going to send gourmet chocolate as well but chemotherapy really kills your appetite and I didn't want to send something she couldn't fully enjoy.

I've been searching high and low for the perfect selfish project for this yarn, which has been in my stash since the end of last June. But when I heard the news I knew only a coveted skein of yarn could make a truly meaningful gift.

Oh yeah, I was also able to add a bit of length on the afghan! Let's end on a high note.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Knitting, Melting, and Daffodils

Not much has happened on the knitting front this week. This is still a wordy post...sorry! I've been busy and haven't been in good places for working on the afghan (given its size now) so I've been working on the sweater from the baby bunting when I've actually had time to knit.

I decided to knit the sweater in one piece. In the foreground is the right frontpanel, in the background is the back/left front panel. I think it is knitting up rather nice now that I've fixed the garter stitch border. It is hard to tell in the photo (and in person) but I'm past the waist so there's a row full of yarn overs in there for a cord later on.

The snow has melted a lot, and I'd say about half of it has already melted off the yard. Last Friday we woke up to another 4-6" of snow. I flipped daffodils have been poking out of the ground for a couple weeks now despite the snow cover, and I was afraid they would all die. My grandpa gave me the bulbs last summer when we visited, and I planted them last fall. My mother is jealous because she said her daffodils never sprout that early and are never that tall for her this time of the year.
Considering they're all at least 4 inches tall, and I'm not a gardener,
I'm quite proud of this! There are about 25-30 poking out of the ground!

Once our tulips bloom and fade I'll be moving them near the daffodils so they're closer to the house. Right now they have their own patch in the middle of the front yard which makes it impossible to mow around. They were there when we bought this place. As a result the yard looks pretty scrappy by the middle of they are getting moved this year.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Afghan 4.1 and the Baby Bunting

Hello dear readers. I'm still here, don't worry.
I believe the last time you saw these projects, the baby outfit had a hood and a bootie complete.

Now there are a lot of little pieces! The hood, two booties, two mittens, and a crotch piece for the leggings. I also began the sweater. I'm knitting it all in one piece so as to avoid all that sewing at the end (like I did for this one, photo near end of that post), and also because I think knits looks way nicer when they're seamless. So I began on Monday night, knit for three hours, realized I forgot to do a garter stitch border on the sides, tried to rip back only the two end stitches on either side, and got this:

Gross, right? So I frogged back down to two or three pattern rows above the bottom garter edge and re knit what felt like everything I had done in the last three hours. So now fresh, unfrogged yarn is once again coming out of my skein.

The afghan was just shy of 30". I didn't have a measurement included in the last post but I had worked on it since I last measured at 27".
Now I'm at 34" out of a total 48". Needless to say, I've made a bit of progress.

Reading is still all school, and no leisure, material. Drugs, tracheotomies, gross things that come out of bodies. Stuff like that. Until next time...

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