Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Afghan 3.1

Yes, I realize that it's the 19th and this is my first post on my afghan for the month. I think I had less time to work on it during my spring break then I do while school is in session. Ridiculous, I know.
Here it is though. The pattern has a  measurement of 48" in length for the final product so I'm in the home stretch and haven't even added the border yet. It still feels so insanely small though; I might just knit until the new skein runs out completely.

I'll have to see once I get to the end of the pattern before I decide for sure.

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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Some Family Heirlooms

My mother cleared out her knit sweaters that my great grandmother made for her as a teen. I'm pretty excited have them handed down to me. She also passed on some knit sweaters that she bought in Ireland when she was there in her late teens, something I am also quite honored to have inherited.
The two on the far left - the blue fair isle and
the cream v-neck - are from Ireland.

As far as my own knitting goes, I finished one of the baby booties from the baby set before I was able to purchase more yarn for the afghan. But now, back to the afghan knitting...

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