Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Afghan 2.2 (Plus a New Project)

I got to the end of the skein on the afghan and will be picking up more in the next week. I did add a couple more inches to it before I ran out. It is more at 27" than 27.5" or 28" like it appears in the photo.

I did cast on for the hat for this pattern:

Both the pattern and the yarn have been burning a hole in my head... or something. The same way money burns a hole in a pocket... You know.
I wanted to get started on part of this pattern since I'd really like to enter part or preferably all of it in the county fair this summer.
I'll be using a silvery gray for the ties. I have some of my Regia leftover from the sweater I made in October and I think it would provide a nice contrast to all the dark green. I also think it would look really nice with those little bells at the end of a gray cord.

The pattern is so easy and I love the look it creates. I might make it my go-to baby gift pattern if I like how the rest of it turns out.

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