Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Goals for the New Year

I'm going to do a joint post for my Love Your Library goals and for my Yarn Review Mondays, despite the fact that they are in no way associated with each other.

First, Love Your Library goals.
My number one priority for this year is to finish the blasted afghan and my plan is to have that as the only project on my needles until it is finished (as soon as I finish my friend's socks).

My next goal is to make some more baby knits out of the Bear Brand book my grandmother gave me at the end of 2012. This book:
I'd start with these...

It has some of the cutest "vintage" baby knits you can imagine. I've gushed over it before. Gotta love that buzzword: vintage.
I'd also like to make the dog sweater from the Ninth Sublime Baby Knits book. (That's not the actual title but I can never remember exactly what it is.) That sweater would be a great gender neutral garment because I can add a simple bow to the dog if the baby I'm knitting for turns out to be a girl.

I think that with nursing school in the mix just accomplishing those three projects will be a big deal for me.

Now for my YRM goals. 

I just have two major goals for this one, although I'm not really sure how well it will go.

 The first is that I want to start reviewing some yarns by local fiber artists. I definitely have some in mind that I will make a gigantic, thick, chunky scarf out of for the man of the house. This means I'll be doing some more shopping at Mrs. I's Yarn Parlor since she carries a lot of local yarn.
The other goal I have is to review at least twice a month, although I like to have finished projects to write about so this might not be such a reasonable goal. We'll see. That's all for me. Stay tuned to see if I accomplish my goals or horribly crash and burn... Haha.

I made a poll for my readers to vote on whether I accomplish any of these goals or not. You will not hurt my feelings if you think I won't be successful. Seriously people. I don't even know you, and it's just for fun. Vote away! I think you can vote more than once, like if you change your mind about my progress half way through the year. The poll will be on my sidebar all year.