Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Almost Finished

Here's my progress on that darn second sock:
Right sock finished, left sock on the needles

I have impressed myself too, considering the few times I've been able to actually sit down for a decent amount of time to work on this uninterrupted. This is a huge relief since I want to finish then before Monday.

...Which means I haven't been reading this week.

I decided to do a "2014 goals" post yesterday. You can read it and vote on the right on how well I do this year. I need input from pessimists, optimists, and realists. It's just for fun and I will show the results at the end of the year.
I'm hoping to get a Yarn Review Monday post in if I get the sock done in time so if it interests you, check back here on Monday.

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  1. Your socks are so pretty! I love the colors in the yarn.

  2. Lovely pattern. Keep on, the sock look inviting.