Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!
Not too much to say here today except that I'm relieved my knitting is done, wrapped, and opened.

And they actually fit too! He wore them all night last night and after we got home from Mass this morning he had them under his arm, carrying them around the house. Cracks me up.

My Christmas gift progress as of right now:
Saroyan for my sister
Saroyan for my mom
Saroyan for my M-i-L
Narcissa socks for a friend (1 sock done - Ravelry link for pictures)
Fred and George socks for my husband
Stargazing Shawlette for my sister in law

I'm so relieved I got the extra yarn on time, and got the toe finished in time. I really hope I did a decent enough job with the transition that it doesn't feel uncomfortable when he wears them.
I can take my time with that last sock since I won't be seeing my friend until after the new year. I'm seriously proud of myself for actually getting all those projects done on time.

My awesome husband fixed my tablet yet again. The connection wasn't good with the screen so that is why it wasn't working. It must have been knocked loose after he replaced it for me. This is how it went:

Haha. Just kidding. He's always pretending it's no big deal, even though I can tell he's irritated when I break something.

My mom loved the Saroyan scarf I gave her. I gave her the pinkish lavender one since it goes better with her winter coat.

My sister is getting the deep purple one, my mother in law, the ruby red one.
So far everyone has loved their hand knits. My mom said she hasn't stopped wearing hers since we did our Christmas celebrating with them Saturday.

Thank you for all the encouragement on my socks last week. You're all wonderful.