Monday, November 18, 2013

Yarn Review Monday 10: Regia Angora

What is YRM: I honestly believe there are good things and bad things about every type of yarn, no matter how much you save or how much you break the bank. 

This is for the lay-knitter, not professionals. This is for people like me who might not necessarily be fiber experts despite being a crocheter or knitter for a long time, but need an honest opinion about yarn before they dive into a project with it.

I finally have a Yarn Review post for you. My excuse is that my tot smashed my tablet screen, causing the touch screen to stop working.  Since this is my primary and preferred computing device, I took a break from everything for the entire month of October. This review has been in the works weeks before I finished the sweater though (October 8, thank you Ravelry for keeping track of things).
So without further adieu, I give you the first yarn review since September!

The yarn: 
Regia angora merino
10% angora
25% nylon
65% merino

The project: The body of my first fair isle sweater, made for myself.


What I liked: I loved how soft it was in the skein and during the knitting. The yarn itself is very beautiful and I love how nicely it knit up with the Lanett Babylull and the Malabrigo.

What I didn't like: It is depressingly scratchy against bare skin. Feels nice in my hands but once I put the sweater on I was itching like crazy. So the little amount of angora did nothing, or maybe I discovered I actually do have allergies...
Also, there's not a lot of stretch to it. It didn't change size much when blocked. If I had known the sweater pastern would be so form fitting I would have either used different yarn or made the next size up. Or made a gauge swatch...

Where you can buy it: I bought 4 skeins at a local yarn shop, well, not so local for me but it was at the Lakeville, MN store Yarn Palette.

Affordability: I purchased mine for $10/skein. This is on the higher end for my budget.

Overall rating:
I think this would do really well as socks, smaller accessories and shawls since there is less contact with bare skin that way. I really couldn't believe how scratchy it felt against my bare skin. Maybe I'm just getting sensitive. I don't know. 

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Disclaimer: I was not compensated for this or asked to review this yarn by any store or the company itself. Opinions are my own.