Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Slow Going

I still don't have a new screen on my computer but I'll suffer through writing on my phone this week.

I'm still working on the sock I started the first week of the month. I've been so busy this month I'm actually preferring to sleep and be with the family rather than knit in my free time. Crazy, I know. It is a Rachel Coopey pattern from the Unofficial Harry Potter Knits magazine. The pattern is the Narcissa Socks.

Also, it has probably been going slow because I hate making socks and I have two pair (including these) to make for Christmas this year. The lace is beautiful but it cramps my hands and slows me down.

I also cast on for hats since Halloween is going to be frigid by the looks of it this year. I picked up hairspray for costumes this week but, um $$ and cold vs. knit a hat? Yeah. Knitting the hats.
As you can see I am also lacking in basic photo shop too this week as a result of the aforementioned issues.

I also don't think I've picked up a book in six weeks or more. So no reading recommendations here this week.Even my daily Catechism emails are done so I'm really not reading anything.