Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Love Your Library: October Goals

Started by Snapdragon Crafts, the Love Your Library Challenge was started as a way to make projects from the pattern library that has been building up in all of our closets and other nooks and crannies in our houses. I have enjoyed trying to show my small pattern library a bit more love, especially since my discovery of Ravelry last fall.

Just a short and simple one this time. I have to do another 42 rows on the afghan (that's how long one pattern repeat is). I also need to find another pattern in my library to work on.

So far, I've started and finished only four two library challenge projects this year. But even if I only finish the afghan and nothing else for this, I'm going to be a really happy camper.

I could swear I bought the bear pattern last year, but my Craftsy purchase record doesn't have the date and I never mentioned these in the monthly updates, so I really do only have two library projects done. Ugh.

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