Thursday, October 24, 2013

A New Obsession: Tundra Elements

You guys. For real. I am totally obsessed with the designs from the Tundra Elements collection of sweaters designed by Maura Kirk.
How bad is it, you ask? I keep going on Ravelry hoping more people have started more projects for me to look at and read about( which hasn't happened.) I keep gazing wistfully at the back cover of my Harry Potter Knits magazine at the ad for the designs wishing I had that pattern book that on my lap, on the table in front of me also.

(Gotta love a good old Rav screenshot, right?!)
I can't decide which sweater I would make first. I'm not a fan of huge collars like the ones on Dragonslark or Sugarcane Island, but they aren't any less appealing to me either. I am torn between the Echo Lodge, Luckiest Day, and Reality Machine sweaters. So cozy looking. So perfect for Wisconsin winters. And edgy designs.

I even added the book to my husband's Amazon cart. (Can we say subliminal messaging? Haha!) Now, can someone tell my husband to buy me an early Christmas present?!

Disclaimer: I was NOT asked to review this, discuss, or was compensated or offered anything for this post by the designer, publishing company, or yarn company mentioned.