Thursday, September 19, 2013

Some Announcements

First order of business:
My Tutorial Thursday post from last week on how to mend commercially knit sweaters was featured this week--today!--at Marigold's Loft. So click to check out the post or the other tutorials featured today.


I'm re-applying for nursing school tomorrow. Please say a prayer that it is not just mine, but God's will too that I get accepted in the group of 16 that will begin in January. We all know how hard it is sometimes to discern what God has planned for us. I hope I'm getting this right. Straight A's in advance anatomy, physiology, and the rest of my pre-requisites can't be for nothing.

I know I haven't done a yarn review in a long time. I plan on getting one to you bright and early this Monday. I'll be writing about the Galway worsted that I am using for my little boy's cabled cardigan. My goal for today is to finish for an FO Friday post for tomorrow. Click below for a list of the reviews I've done already.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!