Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Just One Project

I just have one project this week as the socks came off the needles Monday. I'll save those for Friday though. (Although if you really have to see them today, go to my Ravelry page ----->)

Now I'm working on lengthening the body of my fair isle sweater before I bind off for the sleeves. It says to knit until 15 3/4" long but I like a longer sweater so I'll probably add at least another inch and a half or two before I start the sleeves. I also haven't decided whether I want to change the sleeve length and deviate from the pattern or not...

But there's a few inches of knitting before I need to decide that.

I don't work Tuesday nights anymore so my Wednesday updates will no longer be available shortly after midnight!

Not reading much lately. Not for myself anyway. I started reading Ender's Game to my three year old the other day and got to the third page before the bad words started... I totally did not remember how bad the language was in those books! So I stopped that almost as fast as I started...

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