Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's Not Second Sock Syndrome... I Promise

Another week has flown by. It's been way too hot in my neck of the woods so I haven't been doing a lot of knitting. However, I still made progress this week.
I got to the end of my first gray skein of Regia Angora Merino. I've firmly resolved I will not connect the next skein until I finish sock #2. This yarn seriously rocks. Oh. So. Soft. So luxurious! Hurry up winter, I want to wear this!

I think I discovered why I dislike sock making so much. The hand cramps. The tiny size needles, in addition to how short they are, leaves very little for my man-size hands to hold on to, especially when cramming them into the length of a DPN. My sweater is only knit on a needle one size larger--2s--and my hands never cramp because there's more to hold on to with the circular.

So, the sock progress has been slow and very painful... literally.
I'm still (slowly) reading Silas Marner and still enjoying it.
Also reading Fr. Z a lot.

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