Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Knitting Madness and a WIP

Since I can't show photos of my current project, and couldn't remember where my new knitting bag with my shawl went, I have no recent WIP photos to show you, just a photo from last Thursday.

However, never fear, you are still stuck here from my link up!
First thing first, Knitting Madness hosted by Marigold's Loft!

 This is such a fun event. Get yourself a G+ profile so you can join us on  Friday July 26th for this month's discussion of all things yarn!

I met Natalie over video chat last month for her Knitting Madness hangout. If you can believe it, she is even lovelier in person. It was fun getting to know her and letting the conversation meander to things other than knitting, but it was a bit of a bummer just having two of us.
I just know we're not the only yarn lovers out there with G+ accounts so contact her to get in on this! Just click  the links above for her blog or G+ profile to contact her.
It's a perfect way to get social with knitting (or crochet!) without even having to leave the house. I have two tots and my closest yarn shop is 30 minutes away so if you're in the same boat, this event is perfect for you! 9PM European or 3PM/2PM Central for us here in the States.

In other news, over 4th of July weekend, we went camping up north and I got a new knitting bag. My awesome husband said, "Why don't you buy a new knitting bag?" So I did... Awesome story, I know. He said my current bag is unsightly (ok, he didn't use that specific word...) and I think it embarrassed him a little... I understand. It was pretty ugly.

Behold, my new project bag!
So nautical. I am in love.
  And the lace edge of the shawl I was having so many  problems with last week. Thank you to Steph especially, as well as Mother4 and Mistea for your helpful advice in my comments in my last Wednesday post.

Terrible lighting, I know.
I got up to the same spot on the other edge before running out of yarn.

I'll still have to rip it out since I ran out of my skein literally three inches from finishing but at least I know what I'm doing now! I'll re-do it with the blue yarn since the hand spun it is currently in doesn't show off the lace very well.

An afterthought: maybe I'll just rip it all the way back past the blue stripes to add the extra hand spun where it belongs in the body of the shawl if I find more of that blue Berocco.

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  1. Thanks so much for mentioning the event Christine, I can't wait for then :) Just one thing, the date is the 26th, not the 19th.
    Loving your new project bag, very nautical!
    Sorry to see you are still ripping back, I hope it ends up just the way you want it.
    Marigolds' Loft

  2. The shawl looks lovely! I hate it when I run out of yarn! Good luck finishing it up :-)

  3. What a pretty shawl! I would love to chat with you guys but sadly I will still be in the office at that time of day. Hopefully I can make another chat one day.

  4. The edging is pretty! Too bad you have to redo it. Best laid plans . . . and all that!

  5. Boo to having to rip back, such a shame. It's looking lovely though :)

  6. That Knitting Madness online meet-up sounds like fun!
    Too bad about the yarn chicken loss ... fingers crossed you can find more blue!