Thursday, July 11, 2013

DIY: Decorate Phineas and Ferb Themed Cupcakes

I like to go a little crazy with my kids' birthday cakes since that's really the extent of my birthday party efforts. Last year it was Adventure Time:

This year my little one asked for Phineas and Ferb. I decided to go the cupcake route and ended up with this:

Originally I thought making stencils would make this process easier. I don't recommend it because it is incredibly messy and very difficult to add the icing in the cutout.

 The materials I needed once the cupcakes were made were:

  • Chocolate icing (or a base color) with the sprinkles included (or your own favorite sprinkles)
  • Vanilla or a white colored icing
  •  Four spoons
  •  Vanilla wafer cookies
  • Food coloring colors: red, yellow, green, blue
  • Toothpicks
  • Small plastic sandwich bag
The Caucasian skin color was made with three drops of yellow with one of red. I lightened it to the correct shade by adding undyed vanillas icing.

I dyed half the vanilla icing turquoise for my Perry cupcakes. I used about one regular spoonful of icing for the skin color, and about 1/4c icing for the green and red.

Caucasian skin color: 3 drops yellow, 1 drop red, add plain icing to lighten
Turquoise: 3 drops blue, 1 drop green
Start by mixing the colors, then ice half the cupcakes with chocolate or your base color.
Both boys have easy, basic shapes to draw so don't get intimidated!

Ferb was easier so I'll start with him:
  • Basic shape: rectangle
  • Add green icing to a sandwich bag, snip a small hole in corner. Too small of a hole will cause the icing to curl, which is cool but not what you're going for.
  • Draw two long lines, connected at their bottom. Draw a line between them without picking up your icing bag. See the path drawn below:

  • Add a small circle on one side for his big nose, and a smaller dab of icing just above it for the eye.
  • Using a toothpick,  drag some of the green from the back of the rectangle to make his hair (Pictured further down). Do the same once under his nose for his characteristic lip.
Phineas is a little tricky due to his mouth, but still doable. The key is keeping sharp corners.
  • Basic shape: triangle
  • Take a chocolate iced cupcake and, after doing this with the skin colored icing, add red food coloring to make his red hair color.  This also let's you reuse the icing if you're going to mostly make them as silhouettes like I did. Using the bag drawing technique, draw half of a triangle, shown below with arrows in two steps starting with the line already pictured.

  • When you add that top jaw you will need to curve the line to create the open mouthed smile, as shown with the second arrow.
  • Put a dab of icing on top of the triangle for his eyes. Spread icing from back of triangle to make hair using a separate toothpick.

 When you decorate the cupcakes that aren't silhouettes, you add the hair the same way, with a toothpick, but it off a spoon instead of spreading it from the back of the head.
You will also use that technique to add a dab of undyed vanilla icing for their eyes.

Using the sprinkles that came with the icing, take a pinch and sprinkle around the silhouettes in the background color and ads one of the flat sprinkles to each plain dab of icing for the iris of their eyes.

All you do for Perry's butt is to ice with the turquoise and stick a half or third of the wafer cookie in it. Perry was a favorite and so so easy, that I made a dozen of them just as Perry and the rest were split 1/2 and 1/2.

All two dozen cupcakes:

Depending on your candles, you might want to have a plain cupcake. Then get ready to song and blow out the candles!

Stick candles (number included) found at Wall-Mart for $1.50 and 99¢.


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