Friday, June 7, 2013

Knitting Madness Hangout

Before I send my tablet in for repairs, I am going to advertise a little for an event I'm participating in on June 21.

Marigold's Loft is hosting a Knitting Madness Hangout on G+ so if you have a profile, get in contact with her since there were only 2 spots left as of Wednesday.
This is a great opportunity to connect with those crafty people behind the blogs you love to read, and share new knitting techniques.

There is a theme for the hangout: you need to learn a new stitch and make a swatch before June 19 so you are prepared on the 21st. There are links for stitch glossaries if you click on the button at left.

You will get an email with a PDF form for what stitch you will be learning so sign up quick so you have plenty of time to get your homework done! She is going to compile everything into a PDF book for everyone who participates so we can go back and use it as a reference. After the hangout I will be writing about how it went so hopefully you can get on board the next time she hosts a hangout.
Until my Nexus is fixed, happy knitting!