Friday, April 12, 2013

"Parisian Coat" Frustrations

And here we go. I frogged again on this stupid coat. I'm so frustrated. I originally decided it would get done faster if I picked up the stitches on the bottom of the bodice so that I wouldn't have to piece the skirt together later. I think children's knits are more durable the less pieces they involve. Especially where two year olds are concerned.
After taking a month long break from it, I took it out tonight and after 3/4 row, I knew the reason I hadn't touched it was because I knew deep down I'd just be ripping out more yarn. So the project frog count is 6 or 7 times, including partial and complete frogs on it.
Oh yeah, and right when I was in the middle of a row of picked up stitches last month, my scissor obsessed two year old decided to have fun with my yarn. Cue the freak out. Which is also why I stopped working on it. (This was the same afternoon he hacked up my nice yarn I used on the creeper. That was a bad day for me.)
At least I only had to rip out about four rows. My new strategy is still knitting the skirt in one piece, but from the bottom up like the pattern says and sewing it on at the end, also as pattern dictates.

Check out the bottom bodice edge. Yup. Ruined it picking up those stitches. At least the pattern calls for a velvet belt so I can cover that up when the knitting is finally done.

This is just one of those projects everyone has to experience where every time it gets worked on, something goes wrong, but you're too far involved to turn and run from battle... The victory will be that much sweeter.