Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I Think I Have A New Best Friend

A very good friend and co- worker just gave me the biggest freaking bag of yarn on Sunday night between our shifts... I'm so happy. I think she doubled my stash. Not even exaggerating. And since I grew up in the '90s when having more than one "best friend" was okay I think I can add her to my list... Haha. I love her to death though, even before she restocked my stash. Check out that loot!
Yes, that is a full size couch, covered in yarn from one arm rest to the other.

I was hoping to finish my son's bear before today, stuffed and everything, and I actually succeeded. Don't let my photo fool you though... I need to sew all the parts together now, so I'll be doing most of that tomorrow. The head will not be done since I need to give him a nose so it will be a Sleepy Hollow bear for a while.

Still reading The Four Signs of A Dynamic Catholic by Matthew Kelly (link to a free paperback copy, plus $5 shipping). It is way different than I expected, based on what the back cover says..."What four things did Mother Teresa, Francis of Assisi, John Paul 2, Therese of Lisieux, Ignatius of Loyola have in common? They all practiced the four signs." A bit vague but I was expecting more on the habits of those saints and the late Pope but so far there is nothing on that. Still worth reading though. It gives very easy advice to follow for growing your faith life, advice which can be applied to all Christians so it is still worth a read if you aren't Catholic.

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  1. wow that is mega stash, enjoy it!!! that bear is super cute!!! have a knitty wednesday xx

  2. Yes, that would be my new best friend as well! Looks like you have a great bunch of yarn there!

  3. WOW!!!! What fun you are going to have with THAT!!!! Bear is adorable!!! Looks so squishy soft and cuddly!