Monday, March 11, 2013

Pattern Love

I mentioned a couple times now that I was given a large stack of patterns from my grandmother shortly before Christmas; there are a lot of seriously cute baby vintage styles in the collection. So far I've started on a couple Bear Brand vol #352 projects:

For my sister in law

For my son

And since I think these patterns are just to die for, and the book is out of print with an expired copyright*, I am planning on sharing my love of this book with all of you by giving away a pattern from the book.
The patterns I will have available will be for knit and crochet since I don't want crocheters to miss out. I will post probably on Wednesday this week since I will have the traffic from the WIP Wednesday and Yarn Along link ups.  Keep your eyes out for it! You won't want to miss out!

*Here  is where the search results start, based on year, when I looked up the title, volume number, and pattern author.  Here are the search results for the pattern designer and knitting for a keyword search by date. The copyright date on the pattern book is 1956. United States Copyright Office website.