Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Getting to the End of My Skein

I finished Journey for Freedom last night. It was a very eye opening book and I highly recommend it. If you ever have the opportunity to hear the author speak about his defection that is also something you do not want to miss out on.
It might look like an old photo but that is actually the back half of the onesie that I CO for over the weekend.
Pretty true to original yarn color

I am getting rather nervous that I will not even have enough yarn to get to at least the waistband. The pattern called for 4 oz, and I stupidly thought 3.5 would be enough if I did not give it sleeves or a high collar... I guess I have no concept of how far an ounce of yarn can go! I did use the recommended yarn weight and actually checked my gauge for this one too. Oh well! Live and learn, right?

As for my bear, I finished the head as previously posted on, and I'm almost done with the body. I started the bear because I thought I'd be buying buttons for it but since I completely screwed up my schedule I had to cancel my shopping day. So the bear is getting put on the back burner until my current LYL projects are done.

The pattern giveaway went to Heather. Congrats! Hope you enjoy knitting for your son!


  1. That book sounds incredibly interesting. I think I will check it out!

  2. wow that yarn is really gorgeous!! Have a knitty wednesday xxx

  3. I hope that you have enough yarn. I've had the same problem lately. I took a matching yarn and changed the two in each round. So the difference can't be seen. Only if you know. However, I made socks.

    1. I would do that if I could. I bought the yarn last summer from a booth at our county fair. I don't think I'll be able to get another skein in the same colorway unfortunately. If I make it to the waistline in the green I'll just finish it with gray, otherwise I'll have to rip it out and foo gray on the bottom half and the green on top.

  4. UGH. Yarn shortage. Bummer. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that you make it. I know, all too well, how awful it is to run out of yarn in the middle of a project.

  5. The yarn is gorgeous, I hope you have enough.
    The book sounds interesting will check it out.

  6. The yarn is quite lovely. May the fates blow favorable winds over your knitting and make you yarn last. Best of luck