Thursday, February 21, 2013

Toddler's Finn the Human Hat Pattern

Since I haven't had the opportunity to knit an adult sized version of this hat, I thought I would post what I have for the tot size, in hopes of getting some test knits going from the online knitting community in an effort to get some feedback on how I wrote the pattern.

Materials used:
150 grams chunky weight white yarn
Size 8US circulars, size 8US double points (dpns needed for the ear nubs)

Some notes before you start:
I originally did not knit the bottom that long. You can see in the photo where I picked up the bottom stitches and added length so that it actually covered my son's neck. I also had to go back and pick up the face hole stitches since there was a huge gaping hole that did not hold its shape. See:
Gross and yuck.

 So feedback on how to get it right the first time would be helpful.

For toddler:
CO 75 on US 8 circulars or double points, knit in round:
(This is the section I went back and added later:
Knit row
Purl row
Repeat until piece is about 6" long. The garter stitch prevents it from rolling up.
Increase 10 evenly around next row.)
Knit until it measures 5.5" (stockinette stitch for remainder of hat)
At the beginning of next row, knit 15, BO 7, knit rest of row
Turn and purl to last 4sts, BO 4
Knit row to last 4 sts, BO 4
Purl row to last 3, BO 3
Knit row to last 3, BO 3
Purl row
Knit row
Repeat until face opening of hat is about 4.5" long
With RS facing, Knit 2, inc 1, k1, inc 1, knit to last four sts, inc 1, k1, inc 1, knit 2
Next row purl
Repeat the last two rows two more times. Twelve sts added.
Beginning of next 2 rows, CO 3, work stockinette to end of row
With RS facing, CO 3, work in round joining ends to knit in stockinette for 3 rows in the round.
At this point, you should have the face hole complete and be working the top of the hat with 85 total sts.
Decrease 10 evenly in next row.
Knit 1 row
Decrease 10 evenly again. 75 total sts.

Dividing off for ear nubs:
Place markers to indicate your 20 center front sts while knitting next row.

What I had after dividing for ear nubs.
As you can see I hadn't extended the bottom yet.

*Note: if you have experience knitting mittens dividing off for thumbs is essentially the technique I am doing for the ear nubs.*

While knitting next row, when you get to the place markers, slip 10 sts to a st holder, knitting to within 10 of next st market and placing those ten sts on a st holder.
Knit 55, keeping the 20 sts on holders to the outside of the round.
Knit the not rows, then decrease as follows:
Knit 5, Dec, repeat to end of row
K row
K4, Dec, repeat to end of row
K row
K3, Dec, repeat to end of row
K row
K2, Dec, repeat to end of row
K row
Next row bind off

Ear Nubs:
Pick up ten sts of one ear nub. Knit 10 rows in the round.
Row 11: k1, dec, repeat to end of row
Bind off.
Repeat for second nub.

Finish face hole edge one of two ways:
Option 1 (how I did it):
Pick up sts around sides and top edges (3/4 of the way around), knit one row, decreasing by 1 (k2tog) twice in top left and top right curves, total of for decreases..
Bind off

Option 2, which I have not tried:
Finish with i-cord around entire face opening edge.

The finished product:
What the back looks like

You can kind of get an idea of what the front looks like.

I couldn't get a good photo of the front since he was in constant motion. The photo above is from trick or treating though.

Good luck! Feedback needed! Thank you!