Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Snow and Progress

Well we got hit with some snow here in Wisconsin but only about half a foot. I was hoping for a little more...
I finished the back piece to the vintage coat I'm making for my S-I-L so that she's got something adorable to wear on her 2nd birthday in the fall.
The remaining stitches will be used later for the collar once the front pieces are made and sewn together.

I'm still just reading the catechism. Check out the button to your right if you want to too!
The man of the house and I just started watching Duck Dynasty and we are hooked. It's a reality show but it is hilarious, and despite the people being a bunch of multi-million dollar rednecks, the kids are growing up in wealth and seeing what the grandparents are doing to try and keep them from becoming " spoiled rich snobs" has us laughing to tears for a lot of episodes. I appreciate the fact that, despite having so much money, the dad buys his son a used car instead of a brand new one when he gets tired of his son using his truck all the time. Thought I should share that since so many keep talking about Downtown Abbey. Hahaha!

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