Sunday, February 10, 2013

Because these Instructions were Impossible to Find Elsewhere...

I had the hardest time figuring out how to add custom buttons to my sidebar and since I finally figured it out last night I'm posting instructions now for my fellow technologically deficient peers out there... Also, the instructions I found online were mostly for writing the HTML text for your own button which is way above my head.

Step 1
Click on your blog title, then go to "Layout" on your left sidebar.

Step 2
Click on " Add a Gadget."

Step 3
In the Basics list, click on "HTML/JavaScript."

Step 4
Copy-paste the HTML code for the button. Click on "Save."


Click on "Rich Text." Copy-paste the photo/icon you want to show up as your button. Highlight the photo. Click on the button with the world and the chain and  copy the website URL into the text box where you want the button to take you. Click "Save."
Adding a title is optional. Blogger does not require one to make the button.

Go to your blog and test the button you just made.