Thursday, January 31, 2013

January Love Your Library Wrap Up

Heck.  My knitting has been a huge failure this month. I only made one project.  And my Library project?  I'm going to be frogging again,  which is why I haven't gotten very far.  The frog count will be up to four after this next one...
How far I am: 

Ignore the red hand warmers. Those are not part of my Library challenge project. How sad,  I am even recycling the photo.  But with the light lately, it's the best photo I have to offer. 

This is my pattern:  

Things are picking up at work so I will actually be sleeping during the day (hopefully) so the blog will be rather neglected,  just like my knitting. 

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  1. No worries! I know I'll have many months just like yours--I'll just be happy at the end of the year to have actually used my library a little bit (instead of totally neglecting it like I normally do!). Thanks for joining in on the challenge!