Wednesday, January 23, 2013

I Need a Bigger Local Library

Yesterday (I'm using this as a loose term for the moment... ) I was thinking about how I didn't do any knitting or reading this week and how I'd  have to skip the Yarn Along this week.

Then I realized it was Monday night,  not Tuesday night,  and that I did knit....and read a little too.

My finished hand warmers and part of my Love Your Library project. 
Gloves for the mitts coming soon. 

My library challenge project looks WAY better than the last two times I knit it to that point.  I'm having problems knitting *k1,  pass yarn to front,  slip 1*repeat / *p1,  pass yarn to front,  slip 1* repeat correctly.  Which is kind of pathetic... it's such a basic instruction. Guess you can all probably guess how much sleep I've been getting recently. It seems like I only post for yarn along anymore.  I intend to change this soon. 
I've also been plugging away at the Catechism since my library didn't have Cutting for Stone. Maybe I'll check the one by work when I get done this morning... 

Have a wonderful week! Click below for more info on my post today. 

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  1. Cute mitts. Lovely button detail.
    Enjoy the library project.