Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Post-election Yarn Along

So as I mentioned in a post over the weekend, I am officially done with the sweater for my husband! You can see its metamorphosis since I started this blog here!

With some of the leftover yarn I made my first son an Aviatrix hat this evening since he keeps trying to steal the baby's and stretch it over his head. I seriously love this pattern for the design, speed at which I can knit it, and the versatility for boys or girls.

I also worked on that baby girl dress set and cast on a scarf for a gift exchange we're doing with our friends.
A front view plus the beginning of the scarf.

The back with the buttons.

I'm still working on House of Mirth by Edith Wharton.
May I just say that we have a very interesting future ahead of us here in the 57 United States? (See what I did there?) I am not looking forward to four more years of religious persecution, and attempts to slowly take away basic freedoms (1st & 2nd Amendments), but America has decided and while I am obviously not happy about the results, I am certainly trying not to be a bad sport about it since this is how democracy works, how it must work in order to live in a peaceful society. For my readers who are of like mind as me, please pray, speak up, make your voice heard so that together we can secure a better future for our children and ourselves in 2016.


  1. You have so many lovely knits to show today.
    Your husband's sweater looks great and I think the little dress is just beautiful. I really should knit a sweater for my husband, maybe after the holiday's.

  2. The sweater turned out great and your other knits are just wonderful.

  3. Lots of wonderful knitting you have to share today! I love finding little projects to use up the last yarn from a large project, don't you?

  4. What beautiful knits! The sweater for your husband is wonderful! I've wanted to knit one for my husband but I know he won't wear I knit them for me instead! I'm with you on the disappointment of last night. Keep praying!

  5. your knits are beautiful, i need to make a sweater for my husband too, it's been over 10 years and he's hinting.

  6. Love the hat! What is it that makes the big kids determined to wear the baby hats, anyway?

  7. Your knitting is lovely. I like that yarn. My hubby has been asking for a sweater for year. Guess I better get on that.