Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Our New Roof!

As promised, this is the post with the before and after pictures of our roof. We weren't planning on getting it done so soon and we were definitely planning to shop around more...you'll understand why we didn't though:  

  • The price was right, 
  • Their warranty sounded very reliable. They guarantee their asphalt roofs for 50 years not only for the roof but the work done on it as well. Since the manufacturer trains their employees, both the company and the manufacturer guarantee the longevity of the roof.  
  • They gave us discounts to get it done before the cold weather came to stay, and for us to do a little free advertising with a sign in the yard and a word or two on our Facebook pages. 
  • They secure all the building permits required so you don't have to do any extra work.
So, all these factors plus being within budget made it an easy decision for us not to wait till Spring.

They arrived 8AM on Tuesday morning, asked permission to start, and had set up and were working by 8:30. The old roof was completely cleared off by 9:45.
They had to wait for their supplies and the dumpster after that but it only took about an hour before they resumed. The roof plus the roof on our shed was finished by 3:00. The roof looks fantastic and all the men that worked on it were so polite and courteous.

Here are our results:
Front, before
Back of house, before

Garage and breezeway, before

Back of garage and breezeway, in progress

Front yard, during

Garage, after the old shingles were removed

View through front screen door. They protect the bushes from damage and falling debris.

Front, finished!

Back, finished

Garage and breezeway, finished

The shed, also with a new roof, although we didn't know they were going to do this too.


  1. Those are really convincing aspects for the deal. I also thought the outcome was really great. Was the job on the shed part of the deal? If it was, that’s a real bonus. You certainly did an awesome job getting that deal.

    Willie Norman

  2. We originally said we did not want the shed some since the roof was still in good condition. I'm guessing they had enough leftover from the house and garage and decided to do it as a bonus.

  3. I think your approval to mention them on Facebook sealed the deal, hehe. I guess they are really confident of their services if they even asked you to do that. It means they’re probably sure you’ll only say good things about them, but I guess that is because you were really satisfied with their work. That’s great because you know your investment wasn’t put to waste. =)

    Conner Spear

  4. Well, I guess, you almost had everything that you needed to hire a good roofing contractor. Good choice! Anyway, your shingles are looking good now! Always have it checked to be sure it’s free from any debris that might cause it to deteriorate.

    Kermit Lukacs

  5. Kudos to the roofing contractors! You’re lucky to have met responsible and dedicated roofers, Christine. They just made a stunning upshot! Plus, their attitude towards their clients is indeed impressive. :]

    - Brendan