Friday, November 16, 2012

Getting the Garden Ready for Winter

I realize I'm pretty late at doing this, but since my son woke up from our nap after only an hour I decided we better fill our afternoon cleaning up the garden instead of letting him watch cartoons while I snooze on the couch (I worked last night...I don't usually do that).

We had a tomato and raspberry garden this year, despite our best efforts to grow onions and garlic. Well, I guess the jalapenos were successful too.  The crows ate our bulbs before the man of the house shot the crows. After he did, we didn't have problems the rest of the summer. We also didn't have onions the rest of the summer... At any rate, crows are very smart birds.

Getting the tomato cages stacked for storage.

After cleaning out the tomato vines.

The waste pile of tomato vines.

All the onions I could find

3-bulb cluster of the biggest onions. Pathetic!

The only garlic I found after the three rows we planted.
I'm going to try planting the onions inside and see if they do better in a weed-free, crow-free environment. I might try the same thing with the garlic since the aforementioned bulbs were planted last summer.