Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Distraction Projects

I've been busy knitting this week although not on projects that are priorities. Well, my first son is in desperate need of mittens so I did get that done.
I also began some overalls for baby gifts for a couple friends of mine expecting a boy at the end of the month and one with a girl the same age (to the day!) as my second son.
Right mitten on left and left mitten on right. Cabled pattern on back of the hands.

Taken in good light. True to original yarn colors.

Finished...all I need are buttons!

Still reading The House of Mirth, although very slowly. I am enjoying it though.
Went to a Reagan dinner on Sunday in honor of the former president and Veteran's Day. A man who defected from communist Czechoslovakia told the story of his family escaping during the Cold War. It was very moving and it gave me chills. My husband bought his book about their journey to America so I will share the book with you once I start reading it. If you want a sneak preview it is called Journey for Freedom by Peter Vodenka.

Also, we hired a contractor yesterday (Tuesday) morning to replace our roof. Due to the season, it will be getting done  by the end of the week so check back Sunday or Monday for before and after photos.

Have a wonderful week! Happy knitting!



  1. I like the mittens!
    I have never knitted a pair but about to take on the challenge for one of my girls! She asked me to so I will try!

    1. I've found that mittens are my quick knit. It has always been easy for me to knit them. For some people that is socks. I have only ever knit to one sock...not one pair but just the individual, and I doubt I will ever do it again. Good luck with your daughter's mittens!

  2. ooh, yes, I have mittens on the to-do list too. Seems all last years have gone astray! Love that little suit too, did you have a pattern?

  3. What great projects!! Those overalls are adorable!!

  4. Thank you! The overalls are my own creation. Once I figure out the sizing I will be posting the pattern in my Craftsy pattern store.