Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Yarn Along: Two finished projects

My goal was to have the Tallulah done for yarn along this week. How did I do? See for yourself!
Sorry about not having a photo with my face too.  I was having a REALLY bad hair day.
It's inevitable with a toddler and an infant and I didn't notice till I took a full body shot.
As much as I like the striped tank under it, the tank is a bit too small on me so unfortunately I will probably not ever wear it like that.

Looks a little wonky when it isn't being worn.

Beading on sides. This photo is very true to the actual color.

 I just began Pope Benedict XVI's Truth and Tolerance. I am not sure this was a good idea; I've been itching to read it but it is quite heavy (so I hear) and I am worried I cannot devote to it the time it deserves in order to get the most of it. Plus, the only time I can really devote to reading is when we have quiet shifts at work. (It comes and goes being on night shift in a geriatric psych unit.)

Another e-book.

I need to finish a sweater I started a long time ago for my husband so reading will be on the back burner until I get myself to finish the tedious project. The sweater barely fits me in the arms (although adequate in length for my husband) and so it has been difficult to keep myself motivated since I  know it won't fit unless he loses most of his arm muscle mass. However, these things stretch and I am using a good yarn for it so it has really become a matter of kicking myself in the arse hard enough.
The other project I finished I posted about already, so I'll just leave a photo:

Now it fits correctly. Plus, my son LOVES it.
That's really all that matters. :)

Cannot wait to see your projects. Thank you for all the encouragement I have received on the bolero! While I have been working on it for a month it has really not felt that long because it has been a very fun knit.

P.S. I can post a tutorial on knitting with beading if anyone is interested. It was not difficult but I found there is a trick to it.


  1. Your woolie looks great and as for bad hair days I have discovered that wearing a hat takes care of that problem.
    You know blocking is a wonderful tool for helping items fit a little better so maybe that will work on your husband's sweater, hope so.

    1. Thank you! I'm hoping so. I am using 100% fisherman's wool for his and in the stockinette stitch it is really quite stretchy. It should be an easy fix once it is done. I'm just stressing too much over it I think.

  2. The sweater is lovely! I think it looks just right on you!

  3. Beautiful, and a perfect fit. The beading is a great touch.