Thursday, October 4, 2012

Stop! It's frogging time...

Pardon the bad music reference. My two year old decided to take interest in knitting, pulled the needles out of my bolero edge, and tried to use the needles like I was. I was too mad to appreciate the "monkey see, monkey do" moment. What do I need to fix now?

Well, this:
The giant hole on the right needle goes down about three rows and the yarn-overs in the lace make this more complicated to fix. I will actually have to rip out multiple rows. Also a stitch was dropped and I haven't found where quite yet. Probably right around that huge hole though.

I will try to fix it before I post this, if it's not too bad...

Thankfully I only needed to frog two rows, the current one and the one below it. I fixed the hole and added a yarn-over that got dropped so it was an easy fix.

I totally overreacted but I'm glad I didn't have to fix a whole lot.

Until next time, happy knitting.