Saturday, October 6, 2012

Finn the Human Hat: Fixed

Remember the post I did on the hats I made for Halloween? And the white hat looked like this:
The gaping, misshapen face hole was bothering me so bad I had to fix it. The top of the hat would not stay on top of my son's head and the bottom curled so much it didn't even cover his neck. It needed major fixing. 
So, behold:
While it looks pretty white-Batman-esque, I do think it's been dramatically improved.

All I had to do was pick up the side and top stitches around the face hole and knit a few rows. I continued the stockinette stitch I started on the bottom and just added length. I'm thinking I'll add quite a bit more to the bottom so that it will keep his neck covered. My aim is to have it resting on his shoulders. This yarn is serious crap. It is stiff, coarse, and 100% acrylic. I have a massive stash though so this was a good way to use it up. My grandmother's friend had a houseful of yarn and passed away over a year ago. So far I've been given two suitcases full of yarn in the last year. It seems like I still have "no yarn" when I plan certain projects though. Just like looking into a well-stocked fridge and thinking, "There's no food to eat around here!" Usually I'm just not in the mood for the yarn I already have. This was a good way to use up two 50g skeins of cheap yarn.

Until next time, happy knitting.

Edit: Pattern here.